Hydrology and River Hydraulics

Our water resources area includes hydrology and hydraulics assessment and design.
Cascara has worked with a decommissioned mine on Vancouver Island for the last four years exclusively on hydrology and hydraulics projects. The mine is decommissioned, and the owner has a maintenance requirement to capture all onsite drainage for the 200 hectare site and convey it to a central storage point for treatment.
Cascara has designed holding ponds, pipe networks, drainage measurement and limiting structures, pumps, pump control systems and debris management structures. Runoff volumes are large as the system lies in the North Island climatic zone, with design flowrates in the larger drainages exceeding 2.5 m3/s.
Cascara is capable of preparing designs in coordination with previous drainage studies and models. For specific areas, Cascara will review the previous study to confirm the inputs and results as part of the initial design work.

  • Hydrologic modelling
  • Hydraulic calculations for in-water structures
  • Dam spillway design
  • River armouring design
  • Marine and lake revetment design
  • Breakwaters
  • Streamflow monitoring weirs design
  • Pipe hydraulics, force calculations, assessment of existing conditions
  • Run of river design and assessment for intake structures, penstocks, resistive thrust restraints/thrust blocks
  • Intake and outlet structure design
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